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International School RheinMain: Subject Teacher for Language and Acquisition German for our Middle Years Program (MYP 1 - 4)

Part-time position for 16 hours per week

Starting date: 29.08.2022

Roles and Responsibilities:

School and Student Support:

  • Supporting the school leadership in achieving the vision, mission, values and aims of the school;
  • Being a positive role model by setting high personal and professional expectations in learning and teaching, their own growth endeavour  and       administration;
  • Nurturing and promoting a culture of learning and by creating a strongly interactive, enjoyable and stimulating learning environment;
  • Being accountable for the academic, social and emotional well‐being of children in your class;
  • Undertaking a contributory role in student well‐being as either a homeroom teacher or assistant homeroom teacher;
  • Being aware of all educational factors relevant to each student;

Curriculum Planning:

  • Putting into practice the school’s Teacher and Learning Strategy;
  • Ensuring the appropriate IB curriculum is delivered to the highest possible standards;
  • Creating suitable assessment materials as appropriate;
  • Seeking opportunities to develop cross‐curricular approaches specifically in reference to Global Contexts – Units of Work (MYP);
  • Ensuring that all students are able to progress according to their ability;
  • Maximising learning opportunities both within and outside the classroom through field trips, visiting speakers, varied teaching styles and resources;

Promoting Assessment of Learning and Assessment for Learning:

  • Putting into practice the whole school assessment policy;
  • Developing and effectively using assessment criteria in line with the IBO requirements;
  • Effectively using moderation and standardisation procedures to ensure the reliability and validity of the school’s grading systems;
  • Effectively using external and internal data to help improve student learning;
  • Effectively teaching all ISRM standards as indicated.  

Responsibility for Personnel:

  • Ensuring a positive friendly professional working environment where all staff are
  • Equally valued and are part of a team;
  • Being punctual;
  • Contributing to professional meetings, collaborative planning, activities and events;
  • Working effectively in a transparent and collaborative manner;

Whole School Developments:

  • Contributing to academic policy formation both inside and outside your areas of specialism;
  • Collaborating with colleagues on curriculum planning and development;
  • Attending and helping to organise events for students, parents or the wide community

Europäische Schule RheinMain
Tom Zijlstra / Direktor
Theodor-Heuss-Straße 65
61118 Bad Vilbel
E-Mail. Bewerbung@es-rm.eu



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