“Educated side by side, untroubled from infancy by divisive prejudices, acquainted with all that is great and good in the different cultures” (Jean Monnet) 

Embracing Diversity

Since their foundation in 1953, European Schools have celebrated the linguistic, cultural and religious diversity of their students. At ESRM, we believe that diversity enriches and strengthens our school community and contributes to our student’s outstanding achievements. Diversity fosters innovation, broader personal and social development and is a reflection of our values and culture. Every student brings unique personal talents. Yet, to succeed and to thrive, any student may require support at some point during their studies. Therefore, ESRM offers dedicated support when students are behind (e.g. due to a move), struggle with learning, feel stressed, demonstrate challenging behaviour, are gifted / exceptionally talented and/or are pondering their future studies and careers.

Student Support @ ESRM

ESRM offers three kinds of support for Students:

ESRM’s Approach

In our experience, the best results are achieved when families and the School work together. It is therefore important that parents inform the school if their children have received or need additional support. Our approach to pedagogical and psychological support follows the Policy and Procedures of Educational Support of European Schools*. The following principles further guide our work:

Organisation of Student Support

Our dedicated staff include Teachers, Pedagogical Advisors, Psychologists, Social Pedagogues and Guidance /Careers Counsellors. Class Teachers play a central role and are the first point of contact regarding your child’s overall learning and well-being.

Due to the growing demands of the curriculum, the Baccalaureate exams and the vulnerabilities of youth, our Student Support Department offers dedicated pedagogical and psychological support in the Secondary School. In addition, ESRM students are offered careers/guidance counselling in English and German.


Title, Responsibilities

Primary School

Gillian Ireland:;


Educational Support Coordinator*,       
Class / Support Teacher


Social Pedagogue

Secondary School

Edward Balke:;

Phone: 06101 505 6636
Head of the Student Support Department, Educational Support Coordinator, Psychologist

Carmen Cachafeiro:

Phone: 06101 505 66 37
Pedagogical Advisor, Counsellor (social-emotional support), ‘Caring School’ Coordinator, Psychologist

Danijela Galic:

Phone: 06101 505 66 28
Pedagogical Advisor, Counsellor (social-behavioural support),  Educational Scientist, Social Pedagogue

Alexandra Bebb: Learning Support Coordinator (additional lessons), L2 Language Teacher

Daniella Schmitt:

Careers/Guidance Counsellor, English

Guidance with university applications in English

Michael Nickel:

Careers/Guidance Counsellor, German

Guidance with university applications and work experience in Germany

The Department also has a general email:

To learn more about Educational Support at European Schools, please consult:

Student Support Flyer

Educational Support DE

Educational Support EN

ESRM Career Guidance Booklet