October 2019


Freitag, 18. Oktober
8:45 Uhr (Einlass ab 8:30 Uhr)
im Großen Konferenzraum

Alle Eltern sind zu einem Kaffeemorgen mit dem Thema
„Schülerförderdienst in der Sekundarschule“ eingeladen. Die Veranstaltung
steht allen interessierten Eltern offen, eine Voranmedlung ist nicht
erforderlich. Wir freuen uns, Sie dort zu sehen!
Wenn Sie Fragen zum Kaffeemorgen oder haben, wenden Sie
sich bitte an das Front Office oder besuchen Sie unsere website


Friday, 18 October
8:45h (entry from 8:30h)
in the large conference room

All parents are invited to a coffee morning about Student Services at the
Secondary School. This event is open to all interested parents,
no pre-registration required. We look forward to seeing you there!
If you have any questions about the coffee morning, please contact the
front office or refer to our Website.   


Embracing Diversity
ESRM believes that diversity enriches and strengthens our community of learners. It contributes to outstanding achievements, fosters innovation and cultural awareness as well as the development of cultural, social and civic competences for life. Every student comes to school with unique talents. However, to thrive and be successful, any student may require individual support at some point

Student Support Department
Therefore, ESRM established a Student Support Department that offers:

  • Academic/Educational Support: to help students reach their academic potential, we offer catch-up lessons in core subjects when students are behind (e.g. due to a move), study skills classes, individual support and enrichment courses or gifted / exceptionally talented students;
  • Counselling: to help students navigate emotional and social stress and challenging behaviour, we offer individual counselling and the KiVa anti-bullying/mobbing programme;
  • Language Support: to help students acquire a working knowledge of English and German, we offer intensive language courses in small groups;
  • Guidance Counselling: to help students select the best fit for further studies, we offer advice on subject choices, internships and university applications.

ESRM’s Approach
Students, parents and staff can contact a member of the Student Support Department. The following principles guide our approach:

  • We follow a positive, whole-child approach, recognise the individuality of our students and seek to harness their interests and strengths to overcome challenges and foster growth.
  • When students have a diagnosed special educational need (e.g. dyslexia), we offer strategies and accommodations /special arrangements (must be justified by an external psycho-medical report). For the Baccalaureate (S6+S7), a request for special arrangements must be submitted by S5 students in October. 

The best results are achieved when families and the School work together. It is therefore important that parents inform the school if their children have received or need additional support so we can provide the best care possible and/or refer to external experts when needed. ESRM does not offer diagnostic assessments or therapy, but we work in close consultation with external experts.

Organisation of Student Support
Our dedicated staff offering student support at ESRM include Teachers, Pedagogical Advisors, Psychologists, Social Pedagogues and Guidance /Careers Counsellors. Class Teachers play a central role and are the first point of contact regarding your child’s overall learning and well-being. Due to the increasing demands of the curriculum and Baccalaureate exams and the characteristics and vulnerabilities of youth, ESRM established a dedicated Student Support Department in the Secondary School.
In addition, Baccalaureate (S6 +S7) students are offered careers /guidance counselling in English and German.

Edward Balke: edward.balke@es-rm.net;
Head of the Student Support Department, Educational Support Coordinator, Psychologist

Carmen Cachafeiro: carmen.cachafeiro@es-rm.net
Pedagogical Advisor, Counsellor (emotional support), KiVa Coordinator, Psychologist

Danijela Galic: danijela.galic@es-rm.net
Pedagogical Advisor, Counsellor (behavioural support),
Educational Scientist, Social Pedagogue

Sabine Karpf: sabine.karpf@es-rm.net
Learning Support Coordinator (additional lessons), L1/L2 Language Teacher

Daniella Schmitt: daniella.schmitt@es-rm.net
Guidance with university applications in English

Michael Nickel: michael.nickel@es-rm.net
Guidance with university applications and work experience in Germany

The Department also has a general email: support@es-rm.net





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