November 2021

Cricket at ESRM!

Cricket is going strong at ESRM, with 24 cricketers preparing intensively for the first ever German U12 tournament last week. Over the last weeks, the 3 teams led by Mr. Cox, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Adams have been in the outdoor and indoor nets to improve their skills and learn the many rules of this very special game. We have even welcomed the German National Captain (Anuradha Doddaballpur) and National Trainer (Michael Thewlis) last week to give specialized training and support for the boys and girls of both the tournament and non-tournament teams. We thank both for their support, and look forward to welcoming them in the future.

Good luck to the ESRM A, B and C teams in the tournament next weekend (13 and 14th November)!






October 2021

ESRM and ISRM core values on their way to the International Space Station!

During Science Club, a team of MYP1 students - ESRM-Astro-naughty - submitted a code programme to display a message on the International Space Station computers.

 The message sent reflected the school core values:

"Hello! We are creative, resilient, empathic, positive, innovative long life learners @ ESRM and ISRM, Germany"

This message can be viewed here: 

The project Mission Zero is part of the European Astro Pi Challenge, made possible by the European Space Agency. Young people write a simple program to take a humidity reading onboard the International Space Station and communicate it to the astronauts with a personalised message, which will be displayed for 30 seconds!


 Images copyright:, European Space Agency                    


Juni/June 2021

Entire Newspaper 
















October 2021

Staff celebrates the Spanish National Holiday
This week on the 12th of October, also known as the National Day of Spain, many colleagues from Spain and South America had prepared delicious food in honour of their home countries and their culture. Diversity can also be delicious 😊

To all our Spanish/Latin American friends: Can you see anything from this spread that you recognise?
We wish you all happy national celebrations!        




April 2021

by P1ENB


Sicherer Schulweg

Sicherer Schulweg & Parken


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Die ESRM stellt ein

Die ESRM stellt ein

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