March 2022

Last week the ESRM cricket team played their first matches of the year vs Royal Strikers Frankfurt. In game 1, a strong batting performance led ESRM to 55 off their 5 overs. A 22 (retired out) by captain Yashas being a highlight off the innings. Consistent tight bowling restricted Royal Strikers to 51 off 5, meaning a 4 run victory. A superb catch by wicketkeeper Oscar being a highlight of the innings.

In game 2, a quick 22 from Tudor led ESRM to 58 off 5 overs. A wicket maiden from Sophie and excellent caught and bowled from Finn restricted the opposition to 28 off the 5 overs. Although with harder challenges to come, this was a great way to start the cricket season.



February 2022

Digital S7 Art project
Under the Year theme “Art and the Question of Time” S7 students explored the means of routine to come to a deeper understanding of how to visually represent the abstract idea of TIME. Increasingly students like to digital means to express their creative ideas. The short movies are documenting different aspects of change over the period of 10 weeks.

Digitales l S7 Kunst-Projekt
Unter dem Jahresthema „Kunst und die Frage der Zeit“ erkundeten S7-Studenten die Mittel der Routine, um zu einem tieferen Verständnis zu gelangen, wie man die abstrakte Idee von ZEIT visuell darstellen kann. Zunehmend greifen die Schüler zu digitalen Medien, um ihre kreativen Ideen auszudrücken. Die Kurzfilme dokumentieren unterschiedliche Aspekte der Veränderung über einen Zeitraum von 10 Wochen.


February 2022

Once again and following our ESRM tradition, our language teachers have awarded students with our highly appreciated diploma: Linguist of the Semester. The awarded students will find their diploma along with the first-semester report card.




February 2022

Future of Europe

The European School RheinMain, in cooperation with the Newcomers Festival and the Montagsgesellschaft was the proud host of a podium discussion dedicated to the Future of Europe. The Drummers Club of the Secondary School under the direction of Ms. Ester Costa, as well as Nicholas L. from S3 accompanied the event musically. An ESRM alumni, Malena B. and a current S6 student, Elias E. were the moderators of the event. The school director, Drs. Tom Zijlstra, opened and closed the event with a lot of humour and a personal account of what Europe means for him. Our esteemed panelists, Dr. Daniel Röder, Johannes Volkmann and Natalie Bridou discussed the past, present and future of Europe and in particular 75 years of French-German friendship!

Vive l’Europe or as the French artist Jean Cocteau would have said “L’europe c’est ma patrie” – Europe is our homeland.


February 2022

Spirits of the Forest Project🐺🌳🌿🌱🌾🍃

After exploring the myths and legends of the European Forest, the students created their own spirits of the forest in clay. Each student explored a theme within their work some have an element of strength, some are protectors of forest animals, others celebrate seasons and others provide environmental messages.


Sicherer Schulweg

Sicherer Schulweg & Parken


Schul Bibliothek

Die ESRM stellt ein

Die ESRM stellt ein

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