Main subjects are taught in the language of a pupil’s Language Section (German, English).

At the European School RheinMain there will be two Language Sections to begin with. Subject allocation and subject weighting in each Section are identical except for one’s mother tongue language.

  • tuition in a first foreign language, LII, (German, English, French) is compulsory from Class 1 of Primary through to attaining European Baccalaureate
  • beginning in Class 1 of the Secondary Cycle (secondary school in ES terminology), pupils must take a second foreign language, LIII; any language offered in the ESRM language programme may be chosen.
  • beginning in Class 4 of the Secondary Cycle, a pupil may take a third foreign language, LIV; any language offered in the ESRM language programme may be chosen.
  • classes comprise pupils of different nationalities and lessons are conducted by native speakers where possible
  • beginning in Class 3 of the Secondary Cycle and in the interests of sharing a common European heritage, pupils have the opportunity to learn Latin and Ancient Greek
  • History and Geography are taught in a pupil’s first foreign language, LII (German, English or French). Beginning in Class 4 of the Secondary Cycle, Economics lessons are taught in one of these three languages.
  • beginning in Class 3 of the Secondary Cycle, all of the above subjects are taught in classes containing pupils from a range of countries.
  • ultimately, it is the social contact in the playground and corridors that facilitates foreign languages. This contact also brings home the fact that speaking a foreign language is not only a necessity today but also something absolutely natural.

At the European School RheinMain an individual’s religious denomination and personal beliefs will be respected. Religion lessons and non-denominational Ethics lessons are part of the curriculum.

The European School RheinMain will offer the complete curriculum range provided at all European Schools. Therefore, we undertake to comply with all provisions of the General Rules laid down by the Board of Governors of European Schools and to adopt any future recommendations to the Rules.

Curricula and syllabi of all European Schools are harmonized.

Please find the curricula of the European Schools here:

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