Through creativity, resilience, empathy and a positive attitude we become innovative lifelong learners. We have integrity, act with respect and accept diversity in our daily lives. These ideals are the cornerstones of our common European and global identity.

To achieve our vision of having DYNAMIC COLLABORATION, POSITIVE MINDSET and INNOVATIVE LEARNERS ESRM aspires to create a learning community which has the student at its centre - we are a caring school community.

Dynamic collaboration:
Be multi-lingual, encourage creativity and expression in the school, be constructive and effective in communication.

Positive mindset:
Offer solutions and ideas, respect and accept different cultures, beliefs and ideologies, empathize with situations and individuals, respect our environment.

Innovative learners:
Acquire language competences, empower learning to learn through collaboration and perseverance, be competent, creative and motivated as learners, meet learning needs based on proven academic research, set targets to further improve learning, teaching and assessment in the school.