We strongly believe that each and every child is entitled to receive the best possible education and teaching that is available.

At the very heart of Europe’s unique identity lie democratic values. Making the vast array of Europe’s cultural achievements readily accessible to our children provides us with the greatest source of motivation. European Schools represent over 50 years experience of tried and tested education and teaching. In comparative tests conducted by PISA, European Schools outperformed the top-ranked school systems, thus the European Baccalaureate represents a unique level of school/pupil performance. So why not open up this future-oriented education system and make it available to many more children!

Increasingly, parents in the Rhein-Main region hear about the success of the existing European School Frankfurt and, with growing enthusiasm, naturally wish that their children could share in this success. We are optimistic that the ESRM can match, perhaps even exceed, the outstanding level set by ESF.

To this end, we aim to grant access to the European School system to as many children as possible independent of the occupational background of their parents. Although a private school the ESRM is to be available to pupils whose parents cannot afford the fees. A bursary and scholarship programme will provide help in such cases.

We trust that the opportunities presented by the new school will be seized by parents, pupils and teachers alike.

Tom ZijlstraTom Zijlstra (Director)

Degree in Dutch Language & Literature; married, one daughter, one son

Career Development:   

  • Teachers Training College for Dutch, History and Film Sciences
  • Dutch Film Control Authority
  • Governmental School Consolidation Committee in the Netherlands
  • Teacher at ES Culham, England
  • CDP Staff Representative
  • Director of Secondary School ES Mol, Belgium
  • Director of Secondary School ES Frankfurt, Germany
  • Director of the European School RheinMain, Campus Bad Vilbel gGmbH

Gitta Lotz

Gitta Lotz (Co-Director)

Born 1957, Degree in Business Administration

Career Development:   

  • 1995 until 2002: European School Karlsruhe: President of  the Parents‘ Association
  • 2002 until 2012: European School Frankfurt: Assistant to the Directorate
  • Since April 2012: European School RheinMain, Co-Director

Klaus Minkel (Managing Director)

Born 1948, married, one daughter

Career Development:

  • Apprenticeship in Public Administration
  • Trained as inspector
  • Law Degree
  • Lecturer at the University of Applied Science for Administration and Judicature
  • 1980 – Town Council of Bad Vilbel and Managing Director of Public Utility Services
  • 2000 – full-time Managing Director of Stadtwerke GmbH (Public Utilities)
  • 2009 - Retirement
  • Various honorary posts before and during retirement

James Connor (Head of Upper Secondary School)


  • Sir John Adamson High School (Johannesburg, South Africa),
  • Bournemouth University, BSc (Hons.)
  • Wye College, University of London, MSc
  • University of Cambridge, PGCE (Masters), Chemistry and Biology


  • CIS Accreditation, Project Zero visible thinking, English as an Additional Language
  • Presentations at the AGIS (German International Schools) conference.


  • Running and mountaineering
  • Education, computing, science and environment Art and photography

Simon Hanheiser (Head of Lower Secondary School)

Universität Stuttgart, Diplom Sportwissenschaften: Sportmanagement

Sports, (Lifelong-)Learning, Computing, Cooking

Marcus Adams (Head of Primary School)

Ba(Hons-QTS) Primary Education – University of the West of England – 2005 – 2008
Specialist teacher in Primary Mathematics

Sports, Running and Travelling


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ESRM is recruiting

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