Februar/March 2018 

2 Dottenfelder  

FAMES 2018

The 1st Festival of Art and Music of the European Schools (FAMES) which will take place at the European Schools Frankfurt and RheinMain from Wednesday, 28th February to Saturday, 3rd March 2018.

More than 200 students from 20 European Schools will participate in workshops, rehearsals, art exhibitions, performances and concerts during these four days of the festival.

The main events of the festival are
· Wednesday, 28th February, 18.00: Opening Ceremony at the European School Frankfurt
· Thursday, 1st March, 18:00: Vernissage at the European Central Bank
· Friday, 2nd March: 19.00 music, dance and pizza party at the European School Frankfurt
· Saturday, 3rd March: 17.30: Final Concert and Exhibition at the European School RheinMain